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Taavi Rekkaro: thanks for everything

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    © Taavi Rekkaro, i've done my best, i know it wasn't much i couldn't feel, so i tried to touch i've 2022

«thank you for everything» is Estonian artist Taavi Rekkaro's debut solo exhibition outside of his home country. 

When a long-term relationship suddenly ends, the artist discovers himself in a complete emptiness. His partner takes all her things and when she leaves then all the meanings leave with her. Only the good-bye message «thanks for everything» left on the mirror reminds the artist of the fact that a certain world has existed somewhere at some time before.- Outake from the exhibition text by: Joonas Veelmaa 

Taavi Rekkaro (b. 1988) has studied graphic art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Besides his artistic practice he works as the artistic director at Artproof.
„thank for everything“ is Rekkaro’s debut project and was first exhibited at Draakon Gallery, Tallinn, December 2022. Rekkaro likes to twist the traditional form of how we showcase photography and use it as a tool to emphasise the theme of the work.

Museum24:Portal - 2024.06.11
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